Technical Assistance for Schools and Districts

Technical Assistance for agencies, school districts, schools and organizations 

Research shows that certain conditions must be in place for family engagement initiatives to succeed.  They need to be: systemic (across the organization), imbedded in all educational programs, based on professional learning and, most importantly, sustained with resources.  We help educators, administrators, early learning professionals and community partners learn new engagement strategies and build equitable, systemic engagement infra-structures.  Services we provide:

1. Contractual/Consultation Services 
Our contractual work is customized. Here are some examples of what we do:

  • Guide educational institutions and partner organizations to build the foundation and develop the infra-structure needed for equitable, systemic family and community partnerships connected to school improvement or strategic plans.
  • Provide professional development for educators. Clock hours and STARS available.
  • Develop and facilitate parent/educator advisory councils/committees.
  • Help design, plan and implement parent education/leadership seminars, programs, academies.
  • Coach and teach school leaders to implement effective school-family-community engagement strategies.
  • Train Family Engagement Coordinators and other school personnel.

2. Professional Development Classes Clock hours and STARS available. Our classes can be customized.

Engaging ELL Families – Equity, culture and language 3 hours or 6 hours
Limited English speaking parents face unique challenges navigating our public school system and participating in the education process.  This interactive seminar draws on our organizational knowledge of how ELL families experience public education and navigate its inequities.  Participants learn about the intersection of equity and family engagement, strategies to better engage and communicate with ELL families, how to work effectively with interpreters, how to maximize translation resources. They are guided to plan inclusive school programs and events.  Examples of successful involvement strategies at both the local and national levels are presented. 

Understanding the Dual Capacity-building Framework– key ingredient of successful family-school partnerships 3 hours
If successful school-family partnerships are predictors of student academic success, good family engagement infrastructures, plans and resources are predictors of school and school districts’ success.  This class teaches educators and administrators how to understand and use the new Dual Capacity-building Framework for Family-Schools Partnerships in order to develop well-designed and implemented family engagement initiatives and systemic improvements to ensure equitable outreach. The class will explore successful local and national models.

Home Visits – change the way you engage families in schools 3 hours
National research has found that home visitation is the most effective family engagement practice a school can implement.  This interactive, 3-hour class teaches school staff how to plan and organize an optimal home visitation program and develop goals, protocols and materials to ensure positive outcomes.  The class will cover cultural norms related to visiting limited English-speaking families and role plays.

Parents and Teachers Talking Together (PT3) 3 hours
PT3 sessions are facilitated conversations between parents and teachers from the same school regarding common interests and goals for the students they share. The outcomes of these conversations can greatly contribute to school improvement plans and school district’s strategic plans. Sessions involve no more than 30 participants (15 from each group) and a shared meal. They are typically held at the schools building.

Lost in translation? Learn how to work effectively with interpreters and translators  2 hours
Language is the foundation of authentic school-family partnerships and it is critical for developing relationships with limited English speaking families. This 2-hour class explores the roles school personnel play as cross-cultural communicators, how to make the most out of professional translation and interpretation services and effective ELL family outreach techniques.

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