2017 Equity and Engagement Conference

 Saturday, September 23rd    2016   8:00 am to 4:00 pm

 Everett Community College Henry Jackson Conference Center and Gray Wolf Hall


Conference Agenda


8:00 am  Conference Registration and breakfast

8:45 am  Opening Plenary – Jackson Auditorium, Conference Center

                Guest Speakers

                Adie Simmons, Board President and Linda Slater, Executive

                Director of Washington Family Engagement      

                Dr. David Beyer, President of Everett Community College

                Dr. Veronica Velez, Western Washington University

                Erin Jones - Former Assistant Superintendent OSPI

9:45 am  Plenary session with Dr. Karen Mapp    

11:45 am  Lunch and exhibitors - Grey Wolf Hall

12:40 pm  Breakout sessions - Grey Wolf Hall

  1. Engaging Families in Secondary Schoolsa continuous improvement model for 9th grade success from Seattle Public Schools and Johns Hopkins University – Adie Simmons, EFIHS Project Manager, Seattle Public Schools and WA Family Engagement Board President.

  2. Parents as Leaders in their Schools and Communities - the Parent Leadership Training Institute – Cathy Liu Scott, WA Family Engagement Partnerships Director and PLTI Parent Leaders.

  3. Innovative Outreach Strategies to Engage Families of Children with Special Needs – Margo Siegenthaler, Special Education Ombudsman, Seattle Public Schools and WA Family Engagement Board member.

  4. The Role of Families in Student College Readiness – Maria Noemi Behrens, Bilingual Program Manager, Everett Community College Diversity and Equity Center.

  5. Cultivating Culturally Healthy Students – LaKesha Kimbrough, Greater Seattle Bureau of Fearless Ideas Program Manager and WA Family Engagement Board member.

  6. The Impact of Positive Male Role Models in Student Achievement - Eric Snow, Executive Director, WATCH D.O.G.S.®  at the National Center for Fathering, Arkansas.

  7. Immigrant and Refugee Family Engagement - sharing hopes and resources

    Dr. Angela Notari-Syversoncurriculum specialist at the University of Washington’s Childcare Quality and Early Learning Center (UW-CQEL) and Linda Rose Slater, former teacher, Family Engagement specialist at SPS, bilingual curriculum specialist and translator at UW-CQEL and WA Family Engagement Executive Director.

  8. Uniting Native American families and educators - bringing history and culture into the classroom - Laura Wong-Whitebear, Title VI Indian Education Program Specialist, Edmonds School District and Brenda Bequette, Indian Education Cultural Consultant and PLTI Graduate. 

2:30 pm  Plenary session  - Jackson Auditorium, Conference Center

              Guest Speaker - WA State Representative Lillian Ortiz-Self

              Family Engagement and Technology - the WA Family Engagement ParentNet App

              Dr. Karen Mapp and Parent panel - Listening to their voices

              How School-family partnerships helps students succeed.

4:00 pm  Adjourn