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Washington Family Engagement works to equitably empower parents to become leaders and advocates who know their unlimited capacity to contribute to social change through their actions. We envision inclusive, equitable schools and thriving communities, fair and effective public policy, and meaningful family initiatives and programs because the voices of parents and children’s caregivers have been heard.

Our programs build the capacity of parents and children’s caregivers, particularly those who have been historically marginalized, to learn new skills, become leaders, and use their voices to advocate for what matters to them most. We create welcoming and supportive spaces for parents to connect with each other, build relationships, and experience personal transformation as they develop the confidence to use their voices. We prepare Washington parents to have a seat at all levels of decision-making tables and be able to co-create and not co-sign policies, programs, and initiatives.


Washington Institute for Parents Leadership and Advocacy, logo

The Washington Parent Leadership and Advocacy Institute​ - IPLA

The Institute for Parent Leadership and Advocacy (IPLA) is a free, online advocacy and leadership course for Washington parents and those who work with families. This 10-week, transformative and empowering online course will help you develop civic leadership and public speaking skills, will explain how local and state governments and the public education systems are structured in our state and where you can have a voice. You will learn how to become better engaged in your community and in your children’s schools and advocate for what matters most to you.

These 100% FREE and ONLINE Classes are available in English and Spanish


Prime reading logo

Prime Time Reading – a two-generational children’s literacy program​

Prime Time Reading is a free, virtual, two-generational program for elementary school children ages 6 to 10 and their parents. The program empowers families to read and discuss books and ideas together, improving literacy and critical thinking skills. Families receive free books, and during a series of six weekly sessions, they experience storytelling and book discussions modeled by a skilled scholar-storyteller team. Together, parents and children learn how to discuss ethical and cultural themes and how to connect big ideas in children’s literature with their own lived experiences.

PTR virtual In SPANISH

Six online sessions
Wednesdays 6:30 pm-7:30 pm
When: February 21, 28.
March 6, 13, 20 and 27.

PTR virtual in English

Six online sessions.
Wednesdays 6:30 pm-7:30 pm
When: From April 17th to May 22nd

Guiding Good Choices – a virtual youth drug prevention program for parents

Research shows that child-rearing practices, attitudes, values, and behaviors of parents influence whether their children will use drugs. There is also clear evidence that engaging parents in prevention is a critical factor in the choices children make. This free, 5-session virtual course teaches parents of children ages 9 to 14 how to reduce the risk that their children will use alcohol, tobacco, or legal and illegal drugs.

Guiando Buenas Decisiones in Spanish

Five-sessions online course.
Thursdays 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
January 25
February 1, 8, 22 and 29.

Guiding Good Choices in English

Five-session online course.
Thursdays 6:30 pm-8:30 pm
When: From May 2nd to May 30th.


ParentNet logo


Parents are natural advocates in the lives of their children and as experts on their families and communities, they can provide valuable insights into their needs. We help organizations include parent voices because we believe that decisions and policies that affect families should be created from the lived experience and perspectives of families. But in many cases organizations and institutions are not ready to receive parents and co-identify issues and co-create solutions.

Is your school, organization or institution looking to include parent and family voices into your programs, initiatives, or policies? Washington Family Engagement can help you open the door and set the table for meaningful conversations.

The ParentNet® facilitation method fosters equitable community dialogue and engagement and helps groups of parents build relationships and trust, share stories, talk about diverse cultural perspectives, and discuss pressing school and community issues that concerns their families and neighborhoods.

For organizations and Institutions

 If you are working on a new program, initiative, project, or policy that will impact kids and families, we can help you integrate parent and caregivers voice into your work. Washington Family Engagement provides outreach, facilitation training, coaching, and technical assistance to implement ParentNet®. For more information, contact info@wafamilyengagement.org

For schools

ParentNet® prepares parents to partner with their schools, organize and facilitate grade-level meetings that bring other parents and school staff together to discuss student and school topics. These meetings help parents learn from each other and help school leaders learn what parents are concerned about and what is going well. ParentNet® meetings are welcoming, participatory, cross-cultural and held online. ParentNet® can be implemented in pre-schools, K-12th schools in English and Spanish. Washington Family Engagement will train parents and provide technical assistance to schools. For more information, contact info@wafamilyengagement.org

ParentNet® History

ParentNet® was created in 1992 by Dr. Marilyn Price-Mitchell and Sue Grijalva at The Overlake School in Redmond, Washington, to connect parents with one another and school staff in a meaningful way, promote respectful dialog, and learn from each other. In 2001, the program grew nationally, and 30 years later, it is still a successful model for parent voice. The ParentNet® program was acquired by Washington Family Engagement in 2014.

Questions? Contact: info@wafamilyengagement.org


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Copyright © 2000-2024 Washington Family Engagement.